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So, you stumbled upon my blog. Accident or fate (lol I had to say that), here are some things to check out on my blog.. But before you do any of that check out my new site right here! I have some new music, photographs from my trip to Croatia and a Beta BlackBerry PlayBook app, and more! Check it out, here’s a sample of one of my solos. See ya there!

Skateboarding: I review my pro board here and even more in depth here!

Wanna read a really scary story I wrote? Chapter one (which got revised and is now a lot smoother to read), two and the beginning of three are all linked.

Interested in music? check out “dick in a box” here, my review of the german goth band OOMPH! here and check out A Thousand Shades of Cold here

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thats right, im still writing the story, but all of it is a very rough draft right now, so i’m not ready to post that. However, i also play guitar, and recently started a solo project and this is whats come of it so far. listen, critique, and please enjoy 🙂


Hey guys, i wrote this song a few days back. no music to it yet, biut im working on it. tell me what u think 🙂

Bloodless Revolution

A hole deep in my chest

With broken hearts, no love inside

We walk through darkness, unblessed

Hated by all and the divine

But we March on, in our protest

This bloodless revolution

Changing the world with our song (Hey, hey, hey!)

This is our personal evolution

We don’t want to belong! (Hey, hey, hey!)

Tired and bloody, I don’t give a fuck

The resistance is moving faster

But even with all the world’s luck

We cant evade this disaster

I don’t want to be a sitting duck

I do give a FUCK!

This bloodless revolution

Changing the world with our song (Hey, hey, hey!)

This is our personal evolution

We don’t want to belong! (Hey, hey, hey!)

This life is short (don’t waste it!)

You don’t have much breath (don’t waste it!)

This is your chance to revolt (don’t waste it!)

You have a voice, Why’d you waste it?!

This bloodless revolution

Changing the world with our song (Hey, hey, hey!)

This is our personal evolution

We don’t want to belong! (Hey, hey, hey!)

We are the High School Firing Squad. thanks a lot for reading this

Creative Commons License
Bloodless Revolution by Alex Popov is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 2.5 Canada License.


Well its been a while, in fact a really long while, but im back and this time i’ll tell you guys about A Thousand Shades of Cold, a metal band. These guys are pretty f*ckin awesome. They draw influences from Breaking Benjamin, Tool and Sevendust. Personally i found them through iLike (on facebook) where they showed up as related artist with Bullet for my Valentine (also an amazing band i’ll cover soon). Basically these guys ROCK.

A Thousand Shades of Cold

A Thousand Shades of Cold

Hardcore rock. With heavy guitar riffs and cool chord progressions they really nail something that not many bands do. The Vocals are filled with attitude. The singing is good but its the screaming that really makes this band stand out: this isnt a five year old growling into the microphone: their singer really nailed the right tone and pitch, at least for me. Although their an up-and-coming band and they dont have much material yet they are for sure a band im gonna be watching: and bragging about to my friends when they go big. 

You can find their BandPage and other related pages here:


So it took me a while, but here it IS! this is the Ibanez GRX20. i got it form Longe & mcQuade (or however u spell them) and first lemme say the service was friggen AWESOME! it cost me 200$ and it is a chinese make but after a month and a half its still PERFECT! i’ve played for about 100 hours now and i just had to change one string. The finish is beautiful! the Guitar sounds GREAT and its just AWESOME. this is a great guitar, even when i compared it with a 400$ jackson through the same amp. the shape is great and easy to hold. Rock on guys!



Hey guys, yesterday sucked. Majorly. To start it off, its -8 here in Vancouver right now and for March…thats pretty friggen cold. So waking up in the morning was really hard, and my warm bed seemed like a much better idea then getting an “education”. So i got out of bed late, didn’t have enough time to do my hair properly and then i had to go to my friends house before school. Did i mention my hair is priority? So if i didnt get to do my hair i didnt have time for breakfast, finishing up homework if i had any and no time for really anything. It was cold outside, even though i was wearing two hoodies, and even walking the 15 minutes to school would freeze me. My friend, Jarrod, was also feeling under-the-weather and so i had to wake him up. Then again i gotta do that quite often when its cold and dark out. When he got all dressed and fed we went to school, or as he put it, juvenile detention center. School passed un-remarkably with teacher’s bitching, girls bitching and even the weather bitching. After school i had swimming practice so i set of to go do that. Thats when the shittiest part of the day happened. I was riding with my backpack on and so im not quite as maneuverable as usual. Thats when the curb came…id bailed on that curb a few times before so i was used to it, i tried to make it up, messed up and i ate it. As i fell forward on my face and knee the board shot out from under me and out into the street where satan (in the form of a guy in a pick-up truck) was speeding past and he CRUSHED my board. Yes. My precious Girl board is not split down the middle, and it took a ton of car to do it. My friends (who were walking behind me) heard the crack and thought it was my leg, so they were relieved that it was “only” my board. That killed the rest of the day. Practice was slow and hard, going home was slow and boring. Doing homework was slow and boring and hard. Even guitar (which i just started) couldn’t cheer me up. *sigh* So now ive got 2 questions:

1) what deck should i get now? and

2) what easy rock songs are there that would sound alright on acoustic??


Well guys i got my haircut, and its kinda short (i know, dont post a comment about it) but when it grows out (and i KNOW what to do with it when it does) ill just keep trimming the sides and stuff, but not the bangs, so they grow out 😀 So if u were interested here u go 🙂


The Hair, is on the head..if u didnt know :D

The Hair, is on the head..if u didnt know 😀


Hey guys, i haven’t written in a while as i am still writing my story, rewriting and editing. But ive been considering a haircut (about time according to most of my friends say) and and ive been interrested in the scene/emo hair styles for a while now. So my question is, what do you guys think i should do? im blonde, medium/long length. I cannot dye all my hair, i can only get highlights and im not doing the spike-up-in-the-back-thing. Im not wasting an additional 40$ on gel.

this...has to be emo :D

this...has to be emo 😀


hey if you guys are interested in my story you can check out all the chapters here: chapter one, chapter two and chapter three. Now this is what im asking you guys: what should the title be, and what should my name be (the story’s main character)? I was also thinking of avoiding cloning the darren shan universe so instead of demons  i was thinking of calling the demons hell-hounds, and for ease of writing simply calling them Hounds. I wont reveal any plot twists but if u would like to contribute to the story line (be it future or part of something i’ve already written) please tell me about that. Rememeber i dont want it to be too darren shan-ish: he may be  my hero, but i do not want to be his clone. Any ideas u can either email to me: ( or post in a comment. Thanks a lot for the support guys 🙂 it means a lot to me.


Well, i’ve got some good news for the fans of this story: i edited and improved this short chapter. its not nearly done and i dont claim it to be. theres still tons of mistakes.  no it doesnt end on a cliffhanger, it ends when i got hungry and decided to grab lunch instead of working further. so i just finished it when i did. however, i think you guys will really like this one. i made it a bit longer 😀

BUT DONT RUIN THE STORY! if u havent read chapters 1 or 2 please read those first! Chapter on is here!

➝FADING IN AND OUT OF FOCUS. Sometimes I’m here, sometimes in my nightmares, always in terrible pain of what happened. I’ve tried forgetting a few times. Scarlet, crimson, putrid smelling blood covers my imagination, sending me back into nightmares. I’m not even sure where I am. Maybe I’m dead, covered in blood, blood, blood. Voices, always talking to me, but they seem blurry, as though passed through a filter of some sort. I’ve tried listening, but my head feels like it’s on fire every time I focus on anything but death. How long has it been? I don’t know. Days, months, years? Or has it all in my head, as am I?

A peculiar sensation spreads through my nose to the back of my head. As if some gas is spreading throughout my head. I cough, and close my eyes to shield them from the light. Light? A reddish gleam passes through my eyelids, hurting my eyes and giving me an instant headache. The first sensation gets stronger and I cough, drawing in cold air, hurting my throat. The pain is magnificent. The ability to feel and breathe again, is practically reincarnation right now. I continue to breathe deeply, swallowing greedily the oxygen I so badly thirst for.

As my eyes grow slightly accustomed to the appearance of light I notice some details of my surroundings. I am in a white room, made of large painted bricks. I shift uncomfortably  in the hard chair in sitting in, seated at a wide table made of a dark wood. Some other senses also return with my eye sight: the first sense being that of smell, and I realize what was the first sensation I felt: smell. I notice how hungry I am at the smell of food, but unable to discern what food it is at the moment. I breathe in sharply and a gasp echoes around the room at the pain that returned to my left arm, dulling the rest of my senses, and rendering my vision a hazy red. I almost fade back into the madness, but fight to regain control. With great difficulty the bloody fog passes and I again stare at the white wall ahead of me, waiting, fighting, for the throbbing to stop.

My heart races as I look around, I cant think straight through all the pain in my arm. I examine my cell more closely, although not taking in much. The walls are all the same color, however the number of coats of pain is random, as is the direction of the strokes taken. The table is made of dark oak, and bears many markings and scratches. “Some look as if they’re made by human nails” I think to myself. This place starts to worry me. I know I’m not dead now, and the throbbing in my arm has almost passed, now more of a small nuisance then a real problem.

“What the hell am I doing here?” I try to stand up and my worst fears are realized. “Why the hell am I strapped down to this chair!?” My heart beat races again, and the pain shoots up in my arm with it as I try to break free, in vain. I scan the room quickly and my vision hazes around the edge of sight. I’m about to scream when a voice speaks from somewhere in the room,

“Don’t scream, you’ll tip them off to the fact that your awake.” I shudder from fear, and quickly search the room for the source of the gruff, male voice.

“Who the hell are you? Where are you?!”

“Do not test me boy. Simply listen and follow my commands. Or I will leave you to be tested on as a lab rat”

Should I trust this voice? He doesn’t seem to mean me harm. Nor does he seem to be an ally. He would probably leave me instead of risking anything of his. Taking the risk, I agree to listen.

“Good, now close your eyes and think…think of those leather straps coming undone, see it, feel it, do it,” the voice says again. This time I realize where its coming from, and my heart skips a beat.

“What are you… d, d doing in… my head?!”, I think to myself, and surely enough, my worst fears are realized: the answer comes from inside myself!

Do as you’re told, or you will be turned into a guinea pig for their own sick needs. With no idea what the hell that means I begin to panic again: I’m locked up in a white cell, no one in here but myself and my mind, and my mind is giving me warnings of my impending torture.

Just shut up and start imagining, the voice says gruffly to me.

“You shut up” I think to myself angrily,

“What do I have to do anyway?”

Good, you’re cooperating, I need you to close your eyes, I do, now imagine that you are free. You have to see it. I keep my eyes closed and picture the room around me in my mind, I see myself, cold and scared, sitting with my eyes screwed shut with a concentrated look across my face. I then watch as the leather straps surrounding my body loosen, and fall to the ground. I open my eyes and take a deep breathe.

“So? Nothing happened. What was the hell point of that?” I feel like a fool, sitting here, and believing every word I say to myself. I was talking to myself, and I thought I knew something I didn’t before! Ha, you, I’m, a fool! I frown, hoping my mind can feel my disgust for myself.

You took a deep breath did you not? How do you suppose you did that if you are strapped tightly to this chair? I think for a moment, on the verge of realizing what happened. However, its to astounding to even consider

“Where, in what darkest corner of hell, are the straps?” I stand up slowly, ignoring the impossibility of what just happened, using my right arm to support myself, as my left is completely useless.

Now find the door, its probably behind you. I turn slowly, testing my legs, checking that I can stand without support. Sure enough, ahead of me is a small grey door, with a clear window set at the top. So they can watch me.

Or so you can look out of the room in this case. I slowly walk over to the door, and wince with every step as my left arm swings by my side. Fix that arm already! snaps the voice at me. “And how the hell am I supposed to do that?” I whisper forcibly.

You still don’t get it, I guess we’ll have to do that later then. Confused over what that means, I walk forward, hobbling slightly, making my way to the door. Upon reaching it I look out the little window, to see if there are any guards, seeing that there are none, I slowly turn the door knob and find that the door is unlocked.

Since you were knocked out cold and tied up they probably discarded you as a threat. Now almost completely trusting what The Voice says I reach for the door and grab the knob. Twist. Nothing. Repeat. I’m breathing heavily and raggedly again.

Hmm, the door is locked. What ever shall we do?

“I don’t know, you tell me!”, I snap, panic setting into my mind, acting like a poison, narrowing my thinking, restraining reasoning.

Perhaps you could open it? Stupid. The Voice is stupid, and I’m no better for listening to it. But what if? How am I supposed to open the door?

You do not learn, stupid boy, use the force flowing through you, concentrate and let loose the lock!

I take a deep breath, close my eyes and wish the door open. This is pathetic. I’m basically imagining the door to open!

“This is so…”, A soft click resonates through the room like a gunshot. I stand, eyes closed not willing to open them, not willing to even take a breath in case I somehow jinx what just happened. did it just happen?

Pathetic boy, first you must breathe, your survival is crucial in my plans, secondly, open the door and see for yourself that I am not the stupid imagination of teenager! I draw in a breath slowly, carefully.

I turn the polished steel handle clockwise and push softly on the door, willing it open. It opens effortlessly under my touch.

A White hall, quiet and clean. Looks like I’m in some sort of security building, meant to keep people in. For their own good? Is this a clinic for the mentally insane?

Now your nearing the critical question

The voice had startled me, I’d forgotten about it after my stunt with the door.

“Well are you gonna answer it for me?” I ask the voice. My voice. It. Anyway it didn’t answer me. I step out into the hallway, its cold. I’m not wearing any socks or shoes. I shiver. I make to zip up my hoodie but gasp half way through. A terrible pain shoots up my arm and I drop to my knees. Broken, forget it was so destroyed. How’d I do that? I wait for the pain to numb before I carry on. There’s no security here. I’m trusting a hunch, its saved me once today. As I stand back up I wobble and have to grip the wall for support. Bloody haze, all red. I try focusing on something else so I look around. Pale hall. Turn at the end. Lights on the ceiling. The type that are a foot long and apparently energy efficient. They blink often irritating my already throbbing head. The haze passes and I continue through the hall, away from my cell, leaving tell-tale signs that I have left, not bothering to close the door or even walking quietly. I stumble through the corridor, supporting myself using the wall. Reached the end. Growing weary and, feeling hungry as hell. Feeling hunger at a time like this seems strange, but it its almost as overpowering as the throbbing pain in my arm.